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Fifteen years ago I was an unhappy entrepreneur who was stuck trying to build my business. After being on the road for twenty-six weeks in one year and eighteen the next, I was finished. I shut down my business that was paying my mortgage and didn’t know how I would feed my family.

Having no income, a house payment, and a young family to feed I took the first sales job I could find.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the company that just hired me was falling apart. In the midst of six months of chaos, I was put into a leadership position, doubled my salary, and started a new division.

My personal breakthrough came when I discovered…


For years, I worked both inside (intrepreneur) and outside (entrepreneur) organizations, driving innovation through marketing, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Now, I help individuals and companies transform, create breakthroughs, and grow through innovation. I do this  through consulting, coaching, writing, speaking, and training. 

My premise is that mastery of innovation for individuals will transform their careers and businesses. Likewise, organizations that embrace innovation will grow, increase profitability, have greater employee loyalty, and gain market share.  

Whether you’re a large organization, a small business with than more than a million in revenue, or an entrepreneur with dreams, innovation will be a predictable engine of consistent growth and transformation.

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Innovation for Individuals

the innovator's path

My premise is that mastery of innovation for individuals will transform their careers and businesses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your own business or an intrepreneur working inside an organization, the Innovator’s Path can accelerate your success. 

Innovation For Teams


As organizations grow and become more complex, innovation must intentionally be adopted by leaders and embraced by teams to constantly adapt to today’s rapidly changing marketplace of competition, consumer loyalty, employee engagement. 



I was hired to develop, launch, and run a coaching program for entrepreneurs.

national book tour

I ran a New York Times best-selling book door where we visited 32 cities in 52 weeks.

hub mentality

Co-authored with New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling writer Stephen Palmer.

momentum maximizer

My second book explored my five-step process to sustain ongoing business momentum, which I wrote and published in just 90 days.

lead systems

I’ve helped develop a lead system that has created over 20,000 leads with a 7-figure marketing budget.

business results

I’ve consulted and helped one client grow from 1 million to over 6 million of revenue.


What others Say

I've had the privilege of knowing and working closely with Carl for a number of years. I’ve seen how his ability to help individuals and teams innovate has completely transformed businesses. Work with Carl, and he can help you level-up your leadership and business success—even more, you’ll have the advantage of working with a principled, thoughtful, inspiring human who is truly a joy to work with.
Heather Beers
Partner, Momentum Communications